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Jordan is located in the Middle East and borders Syria in the north, Iraq in the northeast, Saudi Arabia in the south and Israel in the west. Nevertheless, Jordan is considered a safe travel destination. Due to the geographical location, you should inform you about the current safety situation before traveling.

Jordan has access to both the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. Also the famous historical and archaeological city Petra is located in Jordan. Jordan consists of a lot of stone desert and has the lowest water level in the world. The currency is Jordanian Dinar.

Western tourists usually enter Jordan via the international airports in the capital Amman or the Aqaba special economic zone on the Red Sea. Or they combine it with a visit to Israel. You can also arrive by boat from Egypt. There is no direct boarder between Egypt and Jordan, but it is still only a few km away. Also many people come from the surrounding countries via land connections for a visit.

The visa options differ of course depending on your passport, but also on the place of entry. I would recommend you, to google for details directly after you know your entry point.

For example, for many passports a tourists visa on arrival is possible at Amman airport, but you have to pay a visa fees. There are no visa fees when entering via the airport of the Aqaba special economic zone. If you want to enter from Jerusalem via the Allanby / King Hussein Bridge, you cannot get a visa on arrival at all.

If you stay in Jordan for at least 3 nights, want to visit Petra and require a tourist visa, such as if you are entering Amman airport, then the Jordan Pass is probably worth it. The Jordan Pass waves the tourist visa fee and includes the entry fee for Petra:

As you can see, it is a bit confusing. But no worries, it is not complicated. It is only important to inform you as soon as you know where and how you want to enter.

Also note that the entry fee for Petra is higher if you only visit Jordan as a day tour and without an overnight stay.

The main traffic routes are well developed. In addition to the use of tours or buses, traveling with a rental car is a suitable option.

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