Te Pito Kura – Navel of the light and the last Moai

Te Pito Kura

Te Pito Kura is a place with two attractions. The last moai and the navel of the light.

The navel of the light is a stone that has a particularly round shape. They say this stone is full of mana energy. And indeed, research has shown that the stone is anything but an ordinary stone. It is very ferrous, thus a compass needle strikes near it.

Previously, it was possible to sit around the stone and touch it. The wall around the stone was opened to one side. Since it is in the nature of some people just not to be able to behave like human, they have closed the stone circle. Therefore it is no longer allowed to touch the stone directly. But just walk around and feel the energy.

The last moai is called Paro and lies, pushed down from the the pedestal, in front of his ahu. The Paro Moai is 10m high and weighs 80 tonnes. It is the largest Moai, which was transported by Rano Raraku and raised on an Ahu. The hat with its 12 tons is also one of the largest. Paro was probably the last Moai pushed off its pedestal, hence the name of the last Moai.

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