Viewpoint & Boat Tour

Perito Moreno Viewpoint

Perito Moreno Viewpoint

In front of the Perito Moreno Glacier there are several viewing balconies, which are connected by various paths. You can see the whole front of the glacier through the paths. While one of the paths provides a better view to the south side, the other one provides a perfect view of the north side. The viewpoints at the middle are probably the most beautiful ones. You are only a few hundred metres away from the glacier and, depending on your point of view, you can also see many parts of the north or south side.

You can hear the glacier crackle from time to time. With some luck, you will see how a piece at the front breaks off and falls into the water. It is a great spectacle when a 50 metres ice wall collapses. I was lucky and not only saw it, but also took a video of the crash for you.

You should also take a picture from further up with the trails and people in the picture. Only then the size of the glacier becomes visible on the picture.

Above the trails there is a café and a souvenir shop. The glacier tour to the viewpoint can usually be combined with the boat tour. Then the bus will first drop you off there and collect you after the boat tour and bring you to the viewing balconies.

Perito Moreno Boat Tour

The boat tour, also named Safari Nautico, starts from a small harbour, a few minutes drive from the viewing balconies. It can usually be added optionally to a Perito Moreno viewpoint tour.

The trip takes about 1h. You will board a ship that can hold a few hundred people. After a short welcome and the safety instructions, the boat starts towards the glacier. Near the glacier the boat will then drive slowly for 30min. The boat tour will be on the south side of Perito Moreno. For a better view there is the possibility to go to the outer deck. Occasionally one can see large broken pieces of ice swimming by. There are several boats. Try to get another boat into a photo, because you get a better relation to the impressive size of the glacier.

Afterwards you go back to the landing stage, get back into the bus or your car and continue to the viewing balconies.

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