According to tradition, Anakena is the place where the settlement by King Hotu Mata started. So here is the place where everything began.

Anakena is the larger and the official beach of only 2 sandy beaches on Rapa Nui. As the island is otherwise surrounded by rocks and partly by steep walls, this is also the reason why Anakena is considered as the first landing place.

It is the perfect place if you want to spend a day with a little Caribbean flair and just relax. The water is warm enough to go swimming and you have a white sandy beach. There are even palm trees. Originally they did not exist on the Easter Island, but were planted here specifically for the holiday feeling. If you bring the snorkeling equipment with you, you have the chance to see some fishes, especially near the rocks. Rarely there is a chance to see a turtle, but turtles can be find easily by the harbour in Hanga Roa.

Also in Anakena you will find some Moais. There are 2 Ahus (platforms) directly next to the beach.

On Ahu Ature Huke is only a single Moai, but this is considered the first Moai, which was rebuilt in an experiment by Thor Heyerdahl in 1956. This was the beginning of the “resurrection”. Inspired by this, in 1960 under the direction of William Mulloy, the restoration of Ahu Akivi took place.

The second Ahu in Anakena is the more famous Ahu Nau Nau, which can be found on many postcards. On this ahu are 4 Moais with hat, 1 Moai without a hat and 1 Moai without a head. From the 7th Moai only half of the body exists.

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