Ana Kakenga Cave

Ana Kakenga

Ana Kakenga, also known as Two-Windows-Cave, is a cave that, as the name suggests, has 2 windows to the sea. These windows are located in a cliff, many meters above the sea. Do not fall out, otherwise it was the last window you looked out. But no worries, the cave is not dangerous and if you do not provoke it, you will not fall out.

Ana Kakenga is located within the National Park and can only be reached by foot or by bicycle. It’s about 1.5 km from the park entrance coming from Tahai direction.

If you see the sign Ana Kakenga, you are are in the correct area. Go a few meters towards the coast and if you do not pay attention, you will miss the entrance. The entrance to the cave is quite small and inconspicuous. Nearby is a small moai wood pole. But when you first walk over, that’s not too bad. Also at the cliffs you have a nice view point.

If you found the entrance, then you go through a small hole inside. Do not forget to bring a light with you. After the first 5m the cave gets larger and you can walk upright and a few meters further and you can see the light at the end. Shortly before you reach the first window, you see the second window in another corridor. The cave rewards you with a great view of the sea and the possibility to take beautiful silhouette pictures.

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