Chorrillo del Salto

Chorrillo del Salto

The Chorrillo del Salto Trail is a very easy and short hiking trail. Only 3km (one-way) and mostly flat. The trail starts at the northern end of the city. You could follow the road, because the waterfall is also accessible by car. Otherwise the start of the trail is right next to the beginning of the Fitz Roy hiking trail.

Behind the sign with the description of the Fitz Roy Trail, a path turns off to the right and is signposted with Salto (Spanish for waterfall). After 10min you will also reach the road again via this path and have to walk the next 500m on the road. This is not so pleasant, because it gets quite dusty if a car passes by. Once you have completed the 500m, the signposted path goes back into the forest on the right. After that you only have to cross the road once, but otherwise you don’t have to walk on the road anymore.

After about 45 minutes you reach the waterfall Chorrillo del Salto. The waterfall is beautiful and easy to reach, but is certainly not one of the hiking highlights that you have to see. Good for the arrival or departure day, as the path is quite short. Also good if you go hiking for several days and take a day break from the longer tours.

You can fill up water directly at the waterfall if needed.

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