Iceland West

Iceland West

The West of Iceland has many amazing places, which are easy to reach. Below you can see the best spots in Reykjanes, Reykjavik and Snaefellsnes.


Fagradalsfjall Volcano

In March 2021, Fagradalsfjall volcano became the newest tourist attraction in Iceland. An active volcano spouting lava. Pulsating, the lava ran out of the cauldron every now and then, making its way down the valley. In September, after 6 months, the cauldron became inactive, but behind the volcano cone a lava lake was formed. One week later the visible activity stopped completely. In August 2022 a new visible lava flow came up, but this time only for 2-3 weeks. It can change between being active or not at any time and is hard to forecast. But even if the volcano is no longer active, you can see here quite freshly solidified lava. The volcano is located in the southwest and is easily accessible from the airport or from Reykjavik.

If you do have the chance and the volcano (or another one) awakens, take it. It is incredibly impressive. You can be there when the landscape changes and new land is formed. And while e.g. a waterfall always falls the same way, the lava always finds new ways and always shows new structures. You can watch for hours without getting bored. It is especially impressive in the evening when the lava illuminates everything.

You can find the latest infos for a safe visit here: and

Blue Lagoon

Probably the most famous thermal bath in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon. If you are looking for a day of relaxation, this is the place to be. The water area is quite large, so it doesn’t get crowded quickly. The milky warm water invites you to do nothing for a few hours. Inside the water area there is also a mask bar where you can get a face mask. Depending on the tariff, one or more masks are included. There is also a drink bar in the water, depending on the tariff, a free drink is already included. It makes sense that the alcohol consumption is limited to 3 drinks. You will also find a sauna cabin, 2 steam baths and a waterfall.

If you’ve been to Iceland, you must have been here. The prices are similar to the Sky Lagoon, but due to the size, the milky water, the free drink as well as the face mask and the cult status, my recommendation (as of 2021) clearly goes to the Blue Lagoon.


Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and definitely worth a visit. In terms of food, Reykjavik is also ideal, here you will definitely find something delicious.

Hallgrimmskirkja church

Very famous is Hallgrimmskirkja church in the middle of the city. Here you also have the opportunity to climb the church tower and enjoy the view from above.


The opera is beautifully illuminated in the evening and acts as a nice photo motif. 

Voyager sculpture

So is the Voyager sculpture, which is the framework of a boat sailing into the sunset.

Perlan Museum

The largest museum is the Perlan Museum. A great bad weather alternative with lots to information about the formation of Iceland, as well as an ice cave and a planetarium.

Sky Lagoon

The Sky Lagoon has only opened in 2021 and is an alternative to the Blue Lagoon. The water surface is somewhat smaller and the water lacks the beautiful milky color. Instead, it has the shape of a huge infinity pool with a view of the sea. The Sky Lagoon also has a bar in the water with a limit of 3 alcoholic drinks. Depending on the rate, you also have the 7-step ritual, which gives you access to the sauna, a salt scrub and a steam room as part of the ritual.


Ytri Tunga

Ytri Tunga is a small beach area where you have a good chance to see some seals. But keep an appropriate distance from the animals.


Budakirkja is the name of a small church. It is known because it is completely black.


Gatklettur is a very beautiful part of the coast. Rugged rocks, powerful waves and great natural stone bridges await you here. It is definitely worth a stop.

Lóndrangar View Point

Lóndrangar View Point is another beautiful view point on the coast.

Skardsvik Beach

Skardsvik Beach or as I would call it, the golden beach. In Iceland you will find mainly black beaches, but here you can expect a real summer beach. Only the weather and the water temperature remain of course Icelandic cool.


Kirkjufell or Magic Mountain. Magic because this mountain just looks kind of good even in bad weather. The small waterfall with Kirkjufell in the background is one of the most famous views of Iceland.

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