The perfect place for almost every evening, because here the sun sets behind the Moais. In addition, Tahai is within walking distance of the city and has a large meadow area in front of the Moais. Every day countless of tourists and locals go there to watch the sunset. Take a blanket and maybe something to drink with you and look how the sky turns red. By the way, the perfect place for sunrise is Tongariki.

Tahai consists of 3 Ahus (platforms).

Ahu Vai Uri is a platform with 1 empty pedestal, 1 Moai without a head and 4 (almost) complete Moais. Due to the several Moais, this is the most popular point.

Separated from a narrow sea access for canoes, there is Ahu Tahai next to it, with a single moai of about 4.5m in size.

Next to Ahu Tahai is Ahu Ko Te Riki. Also on this one is a single Maoi. This moai has a size of about 5m and was restored in a way, how complete moais used to look like. These include a hat (Pukao) and eyes made of coral

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