Iceland South

Iceland South

The South of Iceland has many amazing places along the ring road. Below you can find the best spots in the South.

Reykjadalur Hot River

There are a lot of hot pools in Iceland. But here you actually have a warm river. At this place warm and cold water mixes. Depending on the point in the river, you can choose your optimal bathing temperature. Especially in the cooler season it is a great thing. Who can say that he was bathing in the river when the outside temperature was quite cold.


Not far from the ring road in the south of Iceland you will find Seljalandsfoss. It’s a big waterfall where you have the possibility to walk along behind the waterfall. The waterfall is located on a western slope. Therefore, it is ideal to visit it in the late afternoon, so that it is nicely illuminated.


Only a few meters away you will find the Gljufrabui waterfall. Just follow the footpath from Seljalandsfoss along the slope and after 5 minutes you will reach a crevice. Depending on the height of the water, you have to walk very close to the edge over big stones, so that you don’t get wet feet at the narrow entrance, but inside it gets wider again and you have a beautiful waterfall surrounded by rock walls.

Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is free and there is no entrance fee. The path runs through a valley along the river. Depending on the water level, you may have to balance over a few stones here and there to avoid getting cold feet. The pool has a natural and continuous inflow of warm water. However, it cannot be called a hot pool. The temperature is rather around 30°.


Skogafoss is also in the south and already visible from the ring road. It is a very powerful waterfall and a perfect photo motif. Only with people in front of it you can see real size. To the right of the waterfall a path leads upwards, so that you can also look at the waterfall from above.


Kvernufoss is not far away. The path to it starts behind the Skogamuseum (, which is 1km away. After a 10-15min hike you will reach the waterfall. This one is a bit smaller, but located in a beautiful canyon landscape and you have the possibility to walk behind the waterfall.

Solheimasandur airplane wreck

In 1973 the plane crashed there. All occupants survived the accident. However, the American plane was left at the accident site afterwards. So for almost 50 years now it has been lying on the beach and has now become a tourist attraction.

Yoda Cave

Yoda Cave is located almost directly on the ring road. So a stopover is possible without any problems. Look at the pictures and you will know why it is called Yoda Cave and decide if you want to see it. There is also the possibility of a circular walk. You will pass a Viking grave and a house ruin. In my opinion the hike is not worth it because of the time it takes.

Reynisdrangar (Vik)

The most important at the beginning. Here you are at the most dangerous beach of Iceland. A beautiful black beach with nice waves and the famous basalt columns. Here you will surely get beautiful photos. But never turn your back to the sea. These are dangerous sneaker waves that have already cost several people their lives. Once inside, you are pushed under the water and there is hardly any escape. However, it is a beautiful destination and definitely worth a stop.


Svartifoss is located in Vatnajökull National Park (, not far from the ring road. From the parking lot it is a 2km hike to the waterfall. Impressive is the interesting stone wall, with its basalt columns, which forms the back wall for Svartifoss.

The walk from the parking lot to Svartifoss is about 2km. You also have the possibility of a round trip and get a view of the Skaftafell glacier.

Svinafellsjökull glacier

Quasi in front of the Vatnajökull National Park there is the 2nd glacier tongue. Parallel to the Skaftafell glacier runs the Svinafellsjökull glacier. You have a nice view of the glacier and a lagoon full of ice.


Jökulsarlon is certainly one of the biggest highlights of Iceland. Here a huge glacier flows into the lagoon and there are huge ice blocks floating along. There are boat tours to get even closer to the glacier.

Diamond Beach

The special thing here is that the ice blocks from Jökulsarlon flow through an opening into the sea. From the sea they are washed back to the beach by the waves. This beach is the Diamond Beach. Why quickly becomes clear when you see the diamonds of ice glittering in the sun.

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