Stoss ridge hike

Stoss ridge hike

The Stoss ridge hike is an approx. 5km long hike between Klingenstock and Fronalpstock and definitely a 5-star hike. The path is relatively narrow, but in good weather it is very easy to walk. In bad weather, it is not recommended, because the path in some places quickly becomes muddy. And if there is snow, then better not at all.

The path is indicated despite it is only 5km long with 2.5h hiking time. With a short branch to the Huserstock summit, which is located about in the middle of the path, a few minutes are added on top. In general, you should make the path as a pleasure hike. I took countless photos and always enjoyed the view, so I was on the path for more than 3 hours. Distributed over the path you go about 350 vertical meters up and 350 vertical meters down. The hike takes place at about 1900m above sea level.

And as if the trail itself isn’t highlight enough, you can combine your visit with a world record experience. From Schwyz you can take the steepest funicular in the world to the mountain village of Stoss. An alternative to the car-free mountain village of Stoss is to take the cable car from Morschach.

In the village just follow the signs to the Klingenstock chairlift. The chairlift then takes you to the summit of Klingenstock and the start of the hike. For the highly motivated hikers there is of course also the possibility to do it without the chairlift and to hike already up to the Klingenstock. Directly from the Klingenstock you will have a great panoramic view of the mountains and will be thrilled immediately. After that you just follow the ridge path and have a great view in all directions. The closer you get to your destination, the better your view of Viewaldstädter Lake will be. At Fronalpstock there is a summit restaurant and you can enjoy the view for a while.

From Fronalpstock you can take another chairlift with 2 sections back to the village of Stoss. Alternatively, of course, you can also hike. Also during the ridge trail there are possible hiking descents, but who would wants to leave such a view halfway?

The path is in principle also possible the other way around. But the recommendation would be the direction I described. You have the restaurant at your destination and the chairlift at Fronalpstock is in operation longer. On Saturdays, some additional sunset rides are offered.

A few more small notes. There are no toilets on the ridge trail along the way. Take enough water with you, you’ll be out for a while and the trail can also be strenuous depending on your fitness and the heat. Also, the path is not too wide and it can get quite crowded especially on weekends and during the vacation season. But don’t let that deter you. Better the way with many people seen, than not seen at all. If it is possible for you, you should of course avoid the summer vacations, so that it is not so crowded.

In bad weather, especially the Klingenstock Bahn is usually not in operation. The best time is June – October. 

Information about the cable cars, prices and whether they are in operation, you can find here:

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