Vaihu – Ahu Hanga Te’e

Vaihu - Ahu Hanga Te'e

Vaihu is less famous, as you will not find a large platform with restored Moais here, and as a result, less images of this place find their way to the  social media world. But you should stop here anyway, because there is a lot to discover. In this area you will also find replicas of a former house and planters. You will also find the unrestored Ahu Hanga Te’e here. The Moais were knocked down and lay in front of the Ahu with the head down in the grass. So it probably looked almost everywhere before the Moais were restored and erected on various Ahus within the last century. Why the Moais were knocked down is not clear, but wars between different tribes are probably the reason. You can also see some hats (Pukaos) in the grass near the Moais.

Near the road which leads you to Vaihu, there is another single moai. This was released from the ground and set up again  in 2002. The nice thing about that one is, he will greet you every time you drive along this street. This Moai also agreed to do with me the Night at the Museum “Dum Dum, give me Gum Gum” picture 😉

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