Ana Te Pahu Cave

Ana Te Pahu

The largest cave on Easter Island, Ana Te Pahu is also called Banana Cave. It is just a few minutes away from Ahu Akivi. It can either be connected to a visit to the 7 Moais, or even better, as part of the Caves and Moais bicycle tour I described. A staircase leads down into the cave complex. Here you can see a lot of banana trees. That’s also the reason for the nickname Banana Cave. The banana plants and the cave are really worth a visit and are very photogenic.

The sign in front of Ana Te Pahu informs you, that the cave was used as a natural water reservoir in earlier times. After rainfall, filtered water drips from the caves ceiling. When I was there, water dripped from the ceiling as well and since my water supply was almost used up from the bike tour, I took the opportunity and filled my bottle with fresh water. Very refreshing and definitely better than the slightly salty water that came from the tap of my hostel.

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