Tambopata Jungle

Tambopata Jungle

If you are in Peru, you should spend a few days in the jungle. An easy to reach starting point is Puerto Maldonado. Either you take a direct flight from Cusco to there or you take the bus for 10 hours.

From there it goes to the Tambopata National Reserve. Usually by car to a boat and with a boat to the jungle lodge. How long the tour should be is variable. Just tell a tour organizer what you have in mind and they will make you a proposal. For example, a 4 day tour can consist of 3 days in the depths of the Tambopata National Reserve and 1 day at Lake Sandoval.

In the middle of the Tambopata jungle it is totally dark at night and you can hear the sounds of monkeys and birds scurrying through the trees. The night sky here in the middle of nowhere is of course also great. In the Peruvian jungle you can see different birds like parrots or the toucan with his colorful beak. Also different kinds of monkeys can be seen. The chance to find capybaras, which look like a too big guinea pig, are also quite good. There are crocodiles in the river, so consider this, if you go swimming here. There are also many small crawling animals to see, from beetles to the big tarantula. The biggest animal you can find is the jaguar. This one is of course very rare, so don’t be disappointed if you go back without a jaguar sighting.

When we started the tour, we exchanged car to boat with a group of returnees. They reported enthusiastically about the Jaguar they had seen. Unfortunately we were not so lucky. As on a safari tour, the same applies on a jungle tour. Theoretically there are many different animals, but there is no guarantee of what and how much you will see. If the weather is much cooler than usual, there are probably less animals on the way, if the weather is good, there is more to see. You can’t choose the weather, which animals you see is a surprise, but all in all it is a worthwhile trip and you will definitely see something.

By the way, there is no internet connection in the jungle of Tambopata. Here you are in real nature.

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