Margaret Island

Margaret Island

Where is Margaret Island?

Margaret Island is located between Buda and Pest in the middle of the Danube. But no worries, you do not have to swim to the island, because it is accessible via the Margaret Bridge in the south or the Árpád Bridge in the north. In the middle of the Margaret Bridge is also a tram station, so you can reach the Margaret Island without long distances.

The Margaret Island is about 2.5km long and up to 500m wide. The majority of the island is closed to normal traffic. However, it is possible to rent bikes or small electric car to explore the island. Of course, it is also possible to walk across the island. There is also a bus on the island. So if you have walked from one side to the other and don’t want to walk all the way back, then you can just take the bus.

What to do on Margaret Island?

In general, the Margaret Island is very green and peppered with various flowerbeds. Also, the Japanese garden invites you to relax. But there are not only flowers, every now and then there are old ruins. Around the island is a jogging track, which is used by many runners. Those who think running in circles too boring, will find on the island also a large outdoor pool with swimming area, wave pool, water slides and a spa. If that’s nothing for you, how about walking up some stairs? In the middle of the Margaret Island is the old water tower, which today acts as a lookout tower. Directly next to it is an open-air stage, where various events take place in the summer. Even a small zoo is available on the island.

And there is another highlight. The fountain directly near the Margaret Bridge regularly shows a water show accompanied by music. In the evening, this show will be even more impressive with colored lighting.

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