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The regions of Salta and Jujuy, with the cities of the same name, are located in the very north of Argentina. Located directly on the mountain range of the Andes, there are many tour options here. The area borders Chile and the Atacama Desert in the west and Bolivia in the north. There is an airport in both cities and the possible tours are probably similar. I had flown to Salta, had my accommodation there and started my tours from there.

The landscape is an absolute highlight. Due to the Andes, which block the clouds and the different heights above sea level, the landscape is totally diverse. You can see beautiful green forests, empty deserts and cacteens as well as the white saltflat or colorful mountains.

I did 3 full day tours from Salta which I described on the corresponding detail pages. I would recommend to stay 4-5 full days in the area of Salta / Jujuy.

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Tour Salines Grandes


Tour Hornocal


Tour Cachi (Los Cardones)


More recommendations

Calafate – on the way to this city in the south you will pass a reddish rocky landscapes. It is also a wine region and you can go for a wine tasting. I would have liked to do the tour to Calafate, but unfortunately I had no time left.

Salta – There is a cable car in Salta that leads to the nearby mountain. There are also various beautiful churches and museums. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any more time to take a look at Salta and to go up the mountain

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