Iceland North

Iceland North

The North of Iceland is a bit less touristic but also has some amazing places along the ring road. Below you can find some great spots.


Dettifoss is located in the northeast of the country and is therefore only accessible during a round trip. But if you are in the vicinity, it should be on your list. It is the most powerful waterfall in Iceland and even counts as the most energetic waterfall in Europe. It is pure power that you feel when you stand in front of it. 


Godafoss is located in the north of Iceland on the ring road. Not as spectacular as other big waterfalls. But if it lives up to its name, as the waterfall of the gods, and you are also lucky enough to see it with the aurora, then of course it is really spectacular.

Hverfjall Crater

Hverfjall is an extinct volcano in the north of the country, not far from the Myvatn thermal spa and close to the ring road. The volcanic cone is relatively large. You can climb up to the crater rim and walk around it once. Even so, the view from up here is very nice.

Myvatn Natural Bath

The Myvatn bath is the “Blue Lagoon” of the north. The water has a beautiful milky color. Compared to the Blue Lagoon, however, it is much smaller. If you are on a round trip, you have already done a lot of kilometers at this place and surely deserve some relaxation.

Grjotagja Cave

The cave has a great color and is very mystical. The water is very warm, but bathing is prohibited. A stop is worthwhile in any case.

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