Puna Pau

Puna Pau

As you may have seen, some Moais have a red hat on their heads. Others say it’s the hair of the Moai. As always on Easter Island, there are no records, so it’s your choice. I will talk about hats in my articles because for me they look like hats and Puna Pau is where they are coming from.

While Rano Raraku was the production site of the Moais, Puna Pau was the production site for the hats. Puna Pau is a small volcano crater of an extinct volcano. The crater has a reddish color. From the volcano the hats were brought all over the island to the moais. However, there is not much to see from the volcano. The crater is not very deep or is mostly covered in meadow.

In general, Puna Pau is in my opinion a less interesting place on Easter Island. A small circular path leads along the volcano and some hats. For the access the 10 days valid national park ticket is needed.

It is relatively close to Hanga Roa. However, since access is from the side away from the city, it would still be a long walk. By bicycle or vehicle, it is very good and easy accessible.

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