Thermal Baths

thermal baths Budapest

Budapest is also known as the city of baths and thanks to its many thermal baths, Budapest is also great in winter. What is better than lying in warm water when it’s cold outside?

There are a variety of spas. If you are in Budapest for the first time, consider the Szécheny Thermal Bath. If possible, go during weekdays, because there are many people in the bath at the weekend. The Szécheny Thermal Bath is the largest bathing complex in Budapest and also the largest of its kind in Europe. It offers more than 10 therapeutic pools with different temperatures between 28 ° and 40 °. There are also several steam baths and saunas and also a regular swimming pool. The total water surface is larger than 2700m².

Other baths in Budapest are:

  • St. Gellért Thermal Bath
  • St. Lukács Thermal Bath
  • Rudas Thermal Bath
  • Király Thermal Bath
  • Danár Thermal Bath
  • Paskál Thermal Bath
  • Palatinus Bath
  • Római Bath
  • Pünkösdfürdo Bath

Further information about the baths and the prices can be found here:

Szécheny Thermal Bath

St. Gellért Thermal Bath

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