Little Petra

Little Petra

Little Petra is the little sister city of Petra. It is about a 10min drive away. Buses don’t go there. That means either you have a rental car or you take a taxi (with which you should also organize the return trip).

You don’t need an entry ticket for Little Petra, which is why it can also be visited on the day of arrival or departure if you no longer have a valid ticket for Petra itself. Little Petra is much smaller, but still nice and visited by far fewer tourists. You don’t need more than 1 hour for a visit.

After a 10 meter long mini canyon that protects the city, you are already there. Compared to the Treasury, a small but beautiful building welcomes you to the city.

In the further course of the city mostly simple caves can be seen, and there are many stairs that lead to higher levels. A few minutes further there is another larger building on the left. On the 1st floor, if you go up the stairs, there are the remains of the fresco (wall painting). A fresco can only be seen here, and it is accordingly a special of Little Petra.

If you continue on the path, you can ascend through a narrow gorge to a small viewpoint. Then you have already reached the end and have to go the same way back.

Directly in front of Little Petra, a path branches off to the left, which enables a longer hike from here to the monastery (Ad Deir) in Petra. If you want to do this, you need your Petra ticket in advance. I haven’t walked this way, so I cannot tell any details, but they can be found here:

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