In Nasca you can find two highlights. The world-famous Nasca Lines and the less famous, but also very cool Chauchilla Cemetery.

Nasca Lines

After Machu Picchu probably one of the most famous highlights from Peru – the world famous Nasca Lines. Huge drawings in the desert, which you can only see from above. There is an observation tower from which you can see 2 of the pictures. But we have not been there. We booked a flight over the famous lines. You have to plan around 100$, maybe it has become more expensive in the meantime. Anyway, when do you see something so world-famous, so do it.

One flies in a small airplane over the lines. In our plane there were 8 people including the pilot and everyone had a window seat. Actually you fly almost only in curves, always in one direction and then in the other direction, so that everyone can see all motives, no matter if you have the left or right window. Some are easy to see, some are quite difficult to recognize. The flights usually take place in the mornings when the sun is a bit lower so that you can see the structures better. A great experience.

It’s best to use a standard zoom or travel zoom for the camera. So that you can zoom in a little bit closer when you discover a motive, but in any case get the motive completely on it. And if you can’t see it quickly, just take a wide angle photo and you can look again at home.

Chauchilla Cemetery

The Chauchilla Cemetery is an extraordinary cemetery. It was destroyed by looters in the past, but they tried to rebuild it true to the original with the original mummies. There are open graves in which the dead people were buried openly and sitting. Due to the dry desert climate without rain they were preserved and the skeletons and partly also the hair remained there. Here you can see mummies that are centuries old and well preserved.

Probably not something for everyone, but in my opinion very impressive. Take some scary photos as a reminder, even your friends back home will be surprised what you have seen in Peru.

The cult of the dead is different in Peru anyway. In the past, the deceased grandparents were often taken to family events like a marriage or birthday. The mummy was simply packed up and brought to the event

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