Lake Oeschinen

Lake Oeschinen

There are countless beautiful lakes in Switzerland. Lake Oeschinen is certainly one of the most beautiful. Situated high in the mountains, beautiful and easily accessible. This makes the lake then also a popular tourist destination.

From Kandersteg you can either walk 1h uphill or take the cable car to the top. If you use the cable car, then it is also from there another 10-15min to the lake, but as a walk and without altitude.
The lake has a deep blue color. If you want, you can rent a rowboat and sail a little along the lake. For swimming the lake invites at most in midsummer, because it is basically always cold.

Along the lake you can take a nice walk. There is a nice round trip, where you first walk along the lake and then further up. You always have a great view of the lake and at the top you can reward yourself with a cool drink in the mountain hut.
Then you can take the high cross running path back. From up here, the view is also fantastic again, before it then goes through a forest path back towards the lake or mountain station.

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