Main Trail

Main Trail Petra

The Main Trail is a 4 km (8 km there and back) easy path that starts at the visitor center. On the trail you can see many different monuments of the historical and archeological city Petra.

First it goes slightly down and you can see the first caves and graves in the rock. About 1km away from the entrance of the visitor center you will reach the Siq, a canyon. This is the real entrance to the city of Petra. The sandstone shines in the most beautiful colors and gives you an anticipation of what to expect. Of course, you will do the first photo stops here and wait for a photo without people. After 1 km through the canyon, which means 2 km from the visitor center, you will reach the Treasury. 

If you continue the trail you have several caves carved into the rock on the left and right and a path branches off to the High Place of Sacrifice.

If you continue on the Main trail, you will reach the Theater on the left. It is the only amphitheater completely carved out of a rock and could hold up to 4000 people. On the right side you can see the royal tombs, but the best thing to do, is to stay on one side and complete it from here as a circular route.

If you continue on the left, you reach the ruins of the Great Temple via the Colonnaded Street. If you have visited the temple, you then come to the city gate. Once you have passed this you will see the Temple Qasr al Bint on the left and you have reached the end of the Main Trail. From here you have the opportunity to continue to the Monastery (Ad Deir) (approx. 1 hour in each direction).

If you now go back the Main Trail on the other side, you will pass the Byzantine Church. It was destroyed by fire or earthquake. After the church you reach the four impressive Royal Tombs. Behind the Royal Tombs you have the opportunity to start a path with many stairs to the viewpoint above the Treasury (approx. 1 hour in each direction). Otherwise you go from the Royal Tombs the Main Trail back along the Treasury and through the canyon back to the exit.

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