Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires

What to do in BA?

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and the largest city in the country. Of course there are shopping streets like in every big city. Florida Street is known as the pedestrian zone in Buenos Aires. As in every capital, there are museums of all kinds.

There are big plazas with important buildings, for example the Plaza de Mayo. The famous Obelisk with the sign “BA” in front of it you have to visit in any case. The cemetery La Recoleta, which you can visit alone or e.g. with a free walking tour. The adjacent artists’ quarter. The famous iron tulip Floralis Generica, which opens at sunrise and closes again at sunset. The new and modern harbour district Puerto Madero…

The only thing missing is a real lookout point on top of a television tower or a tall building, as you can find in most big cities. There might be a few rooftop bars with quite passable views. A boat tour on the Rio de la Plata is a possibility to get another view of the city.

Find more Information about a city tour by bus, La Boca and a day trip to Uruguay on the detail pages.

If you’re not a vegetarian, a steak is a must during your stay in Buenos Aires.


If you are flying to Argentina, Buenos Aires will probably be your starting and ending point of your trip. The city has a total of 3 airports. You will probably arrive at the Ezeiza International Airport (EZE). The other airports are mainly used for domestic flights.

The best way to get from the airport to the city is by taxi or bus. Tienda Leon is a shuttle bus that will take you to the city centre (Terminal Madeiro) or to one of the other airports. More information and prices here: http://www.tiendaleon.com/resultados/busqueda/bus/

Within the city you can travel by bus / subway (you will need a card to which you have to add money) or by taxi or Uber. If you are in BA for a longer time, then the local bus is definitely worthwhile. For 1 or 2 trips, just take a taxi or Uber, the prices are quite reasonable.


Is Buenos Aires safe? I had the feeling it was no less safe than other big cities like Paris. The advice you get is, not to wear a big camera on your neck, not to walk at night and to avoid the streets in La Boca that are not in the tourist area. I kept to this , took the pictures with my mobile phone in Buenos Aires and left the camera in the hotel. I never felt insecure in Buenos Aires.

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