New York Café

New York Café

The New York Café in Budapest is a historic gem and one of the most beautiful coffee houses in Europe. Located in the heart of the city and has been a popular meeting place for locals and tourists since its opening in 1894.

Designed by architect Alajos Hauszmann, who also designed the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts and the State Opera House, the building itself is a masterpiece of Art Nouveau, with intricately crafted decorations, moldings, and frescoes on the walls and ceiling.

Inside the café, there is an impressive mix of luxury and nostalgia. The marble floors, wood paneling, and velvet curtains create an elegant atmosphere, complemented by the chandeliers and antique furniture.

The New York Café has always been a popular meeting place for artists, writers, and intellectuals. In the 1920s, it was a center of the literary scene, and many famous Hungarian writers and poets met here to discuss their works and find inspiration. Today, it is still a place where you can feel the culture and artistic heritage of the city.

The New York Café offers a wide selection of coffee specialties, tea, pastries, and desserts. Prices are higher than in other coffee houses in Budapest, but it is understandable given the historic ambiance and atmosphere.

In summary, the New York Café in Budapest is a unique place that is known for both its impressive architecture and historic significance. It is a place where you can experience the rich culture and history of Budapest up close while enjoying a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. Maybe not a place you would go everytime, but at least once you should visit this place when being in Budapest.

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