Los Condores and Las Aquilas

Los Condores Las Aquilas

The viewpoints Los Condores and Las Aquilas are best visited together. They share most of the way. The trail starts at the southern end of the city next to the visitor center, where also the Loma del Plieque Tumbado Trail starts.

You start at the fork to the left. The trail to the two viewpoints is only a little more than 2km (one-way). It goes slowly but steadily upwards. On the 1km long trail to the Los Condores Viewpoint you overcome about 100 meters of altitude difference. A few minutes before you reach the viewpoint the path to Las Aquilas viewpoint branches off. Once you reach the Los Condores viewpoint you have a great view over El Chalten and will see the Fitz Roy in the background.

After you have relaxed a little bit and taken some pictures, you go back to the turnoff for a few minutes and then follow the path to Los Aquilas Viewpoint. From here you have a view over the endless steppe and the lake Lago Viedma. Afterwards you walk the same way back to the visitor center.

In total, it does not take more than 2 hours to go to Los Condores and Las Aquilas and back. The path is easy and short and therefore suitable for the day of arrival or departure. It offers a great overview and is suitable for families.

There is no water to refill your bottle on this trail.

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