The Leistchamm peak is located above Lake Walen and offers a magnificent view of Lake Walen and the Alpine panorama opposite. Particularly impressive is that at the summit it goes straight down for several hundred meters. 

The summit is at 2101m, Lake Walen just at 425m. So you can imagine that it looks really great. But you should better not be afraid of heights.

Anyway, you don’t have to overcome the complete 1600 meters of altitude.

The hiking trail starts in Arvenbühl and the starting point is just as easy to reach by public transport as by car. The way to the top is not even 5km long. Nevertheless, it is not to be underestimated, because you have to overcome another 900 meters of altitude from Arvenbühl until you reach the Leistchamm peak. And you have to return the same way after your extensive break.

The Leistchamm can only be reached by hiking. You don’t have cable car tourists at the summit, but it is still a popular destination. You won’t find a mountain restaurant up there, so don’t forget to bring your own picnic. 

Good weather is preferable, because the path could become quite slippery in wet conditions.

Because of the steep slope at the top, be careful when taking selfies. Enjoy the view and have a great day in the mountains.

The route is marked with signposts, but you can also find all the information about the route here: https://www.amden-weesen.ch/tour/gipfelwanderung-zum-leistchamm-761ec4dde6

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