Beatus Caves

Beatus Caves

The Beatus Caves are located between Thun and Interlaken on Lake Thun. A great stalactite cave with underground waterfalls. The cave is also one of the highlights of the Grand Tour of Switzerland. The entrance to the caves is 15 minutes up the mountain. But even this way offers a great scenery. Water flows down the mountain with small waterfalls and your path winds its way up to the fortress.

At the top you buy your entrance coin, which you need if you want to go into the cave. The tour can be guided or unguided. Don’t worry, you can’t get lost here. The cave does not have nested corridors, it’s the same way in and out. Nevertheless, there is a lot to see, because this path leads almost 1km deep into the mountain. On the way through the cave you can see the river flowing again and again. There are also some waterfalls to see in the cave. These are of course much more fascinating underground. Stalagmites and stalactites as well as rocks in different colors can be seen. Just as you would expect from such a cave. Everything is very beautiful and softly illuminated. Almost at the end of the cave, the innermost point, is the Grand Tour of Switzerland sign.

The paths are quite good in terms of height, but relatively narrow overall. I would therefore recommend a visit on weekdays if possible. Whether preferred as a tour or preferred alone everyone must know for themselves. I visited the cave on my own, so I can do it in my pace and have time for pictures. Tripods are not allowed, because there is not enough space for them. For the visit you should plan 1-2h. 

Before or after the cave you can also strengthen at the snack bar with great views over Lake Thun. The prices are surprisingly good for Swiss standards and the view you get.

Note the opening hours of the cave. In winter it is closed.

More information about the cave, the entrance fees, opening hours etc. can be found here:

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