Tour Cachi (Los Cardones)

Los Cardones

Cachi is a small town west of Salta. It is said to be very traditional. The area around Cachi is also a growing area for chili. For me the way to Cachi, which is very diverse and passes the Los Cardones National Park, was the reason to go there. I visited Cachi as part of a tour from Salta, which I describe below.

The way to Cachi is very beautiful. It starts with a rainforest-like, very green area. Even if the Atlantic is very far away, the moist air moves here before it get blocked on the Andean mountain range. This is the reason, that this area is so green and cloudy. After a photo stop we went on to a small village, where we had a short coffee break. Then we went through the clouds up the mountain. At a beautiful viewpoint with a view over the clouds, we did another stop. There was also a little shop with local goat cheese and llama salami to try and buy. Then we reached the highest point of the tour at 3457m, where a small chapel is located. Compared to the tours to Salina Grandes and El Hornocal, it is the lowest altitude.

After climbing the mountain and leaving the wet area behind, a dry landscape with many cacti in the Los Cardones National Park was waiting for us. A straight road leads through the area. Already the Incas many years ago had their straight road here. After a stop in the National Park we continued. We stopped again at a viewpoint before we went to Cachi. Cachi is relatively small and not very spectacular. Very white and with small little streets and houses and quite nice. I haven’t seen chili growing. I think it depends on the season if you can see it. Nevertheless, I took some local chili powder with me. After lunch and some time in town we went the same way back to Salta.

This excursion is a little shorter than the others because Cachi is not that far away. The tour started with a minibus shortly after 7am and we were back between 6pm and 7pm..

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