Hanga Roa

Hanga Roa

Hanga Roa is the only city on Easter Island. I have created a map for you on which I have drawn the most important points.

Hanga Roa

Ahu Riata

Separate page: Ahu Riata


The Mataveri airport is located right next to the city. This will be the place for almost all of you to arrive on Easter Island and leave. You do not have to worry about aircraft noise because only 2 planes land and take off during the day. An interesting fact is that the airport has the longest runway in South America. This is because the airport was also intended as an emergency landing pad for Space Shuttle.


There are two banks in Hanga Roa, Santander and Banco Estado, where you can withdraw money.


The church is quite simple from the inside. From the outside, she is decorated, among other things, with images of the birdman. It pays off to have a look at a trade fair. There is a lot of singing during the Mass and a band with guitar, accordion and Hawaiian shirt make the music.

Craft Market

There are many small shops selling souvenirs on the craft market. You can get all kind of souvenirs here, e.g. magnets, stone Moais, T-shirts, etc.


The harbours are very small, so only fishing boats and no cruise ships can dock. There are two harbours, Hanga Piko next to Ahu Riata and Otai in the city center. From both ports you can start for diving and snorkeling trips.

Turtles are very often seen in the harbour of Otai. They swim along the small boats. So definitely stopover here and most important, look into the water.

Main Street – Atamu Te Kena

Atamu Te Kena is the main tourist street of Hanga Roa. Here you will find supermarkets, souvenir shops, car/bike  rentals and restaurants. The National Park Ticket can also be bought in this street. Likewise you will find the typical dance shows here, e.g. Varua Ora in the restaurant Kanahau or Ballet Cultural Kari Kari.


Many things about Easter Island are still unclear. Information about clarified things and different theories about still not explainable events can be found in the free museum on the outskirts of Hanga Roa.

National Park Ticket

You can buy your National Park ticket in the Oficina Central Ma’u Henua. Ticket price = 54.000 CLP / 80 $, valid for 10 days (info: 04/2019)


In Hanga Roa you will find two small ocean swimming pools where you can cool down.

Post office

In the post office you can get postcard stamps and send your postcards. Attention, there is no passport stamp in the post office anymore. You can get the passport stamp in the Tourist Information.


Separate page: Tahai

Tourist Information

Here you will get information about the Easter Island. If you want, you can also get a stamp for your passport here (not in the post office anymore).


There are several places free wifi on the island. I have marked you 3 places in Hanga Roa which I remembered. Probably there are a few more. You can recognize it by a yellow sign that informs you that Wifi is available. If this has connected (which has not always worked), then it is also ok from the speed, so that it is really usable.

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