The Paxmal is a large monument above Lake Walen, more precisely above Walenstadtberg. The Paxmal was built as a temple of peace and as a place of calmness and reflection. Karl Bickel began construction in 1924 and worked on this structure for more than 25 years. The detailed mosaic walls of the Paxmal show the human cycle.

A small artificial pond completes the scenery.

The Paxmal is freely accessible. You can reach it either by car and 10min walk. Alternatively you can take the train to Walenstadt and from there the bus to the rehab clinic Walenstadtberg. But then your walk takes a bit longer.

Anyway the best thing is, to extend your half-day excursion to a full-day excursion including a nice hike. For this you follow the large Alp Schirna culture trail ( On the way there are always QR codes with some additional information about the trail.

The trail starts not far from the Paxmals at Alp Schirna and leads via Schrina-Obersäss to Alp Tschingla ( If you go the way in this direction, then you must pay attention to the fact that directly after the alp Tschingla is the exit in the direction of Walenstadtberg. I didn’t see any direct sign here, only that one red path continued straight ahead and one went down. So here you could quickly miss the path. It is best to use a hiking app like Schweizmobil app, then you can also see very precisely via gps where you are on the route. There you will also find all the details of the proposed route (but the other way around):

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